Repurposed Kayak Trailer

So I get this question a lot. Vlad I just had a divorce and my wife took half of everything. I can’t afford a kayak trailer. my wife took the dog but left all of the tools so what can I do to repurpose or build a kayak trailer.

Well anonymous user. Do I have a solution for you. You don’t always need to break the bank to be able to get a kayak trailer.

Actually, there are a lot of options out there. Firstly, I would assume that you have overlooked the roof rack since maybe your kayak is too big and can’t fit up their or its too heavy, or other reasons.

How To Build A Kayak Trailer

40-year-old-virginOne of the best options that I can give you is getting a trailer that is a little more lax and not meant for the purpose of the kayak and then re-purposing it. we have a list of great trailers in our top five. Once you move down the price list. If you are willing to get the tools you can definitely build your own.

I’m going to continue adding data to this subject. Within this post as I get more information and guides, but for now, let me keep you salivating with a little gallery of what other people have done to trailers.

What You Will Need

The first thing your going to need is a base or a cheap good trailer to start off with. There are alot of options you can tell by the resource section one of the most popular is using the harbor freight trailer kit, however a cheap substitution which is very similar is the Utility Trailer Kit From Ironton. Here is a list of our top 3 base recommendations for getting started.


Best Starter Base Trailers

Name Utility Trailer Kit Personal Watercraft Trailer KitT-2000 Kayak Trailer
ManufacturerIrontonIrontonPortage Pal
Price$250+ $530+$800+
Warranty1 year Limited Warranty 1 year Limited Warranty 1 year
Kayaks # 222
Measurements 78" x 52" x 16" 126" 52 " x 16 " 140"60"
Capacity (lbs)1,200610275
Ship Weight151215125

Next Steps

We have scoured the internet and come up with some links to the best do it yourself kayak guides, he we provide you the links. To start any projects we recommend using one of the three bases above. If you can afford a real specialized kayak trailer we still recommend looking into our top five lists and choosing one that applies to you.

Guides, Resources and Links

Convert a Utility Trailer into a Kayak Trailer – Click Here
How to build a kayak trailer from standard trailer – Click Here
Hacking a Harbor Freight Trailer Kit  – Click Here
Home Built Canoe Or Kayak Trailer – Click Here
How to turn a harbor freight trailer into a Kayak/Camping trailer – Click Here
Harbor Freight Trailers to Kayak Trailer Ideas(Harbor Freight Company Blog) – Click Here
How to Build a Kayak Boat Trailer – Click Here

Homemade Trailer Ideas



Guide From A Harborfreight Lookalike Base


The biggest pain is getting the kayak on and off the top of the truck. So thinking about it a kayak trailer is a great idea to store and easily hook up to use when you want to without the hassle.

Starting with a trailer an example here is a harbor freight looking trailer we can use this as a base trailer and go ahead and turn it into a nice kayak trailer.

The very first thing that usually happens is you start with a base, you can see where to find some cheap options for buying bases on amazon but if you already have a base it may potentially look like this. This is a flat bench trailer with two wheels and a flat base with little ability to carry kayaks unless we build some upgrades.

See the top kayak trailers and trailer parts on Amazon

What your going to need is a kit of tools definitely a welding torch and some materials, after you finish diagramming what you want out your going to need to purchase the right equipment and steel from a local hardware store.

The first thing is to roughly diagram out your trailer into something you can use.

You’ll usually

  1. Get rid of the tounge
  2. Construct the new tounge
  3. Add new cuppler and tounge and wiring
  4. Measure out all your trees and supports and start cutting
  5. Reinforce and prewire the trailer
  6. Add the reinforced limbs
  7. Finish major welding and supports
  8. Add easy carry ends like a possible handle

2016-04-07_15-16-46 2016-04-07_15-18-28

If this gets to be too much for you and you want to just purchase a kayak trailer or materials you can…

See the top kayak trailers and trailer parts on Amazon

More Detailed Instructions Here.