kayak roof rackKayak Roof Rack Guide

A kayak roof rack makes it easy to transport a kayak on the roof of a vehicle. You can also use this piece of equipment to carry a canoe, boat, water skis, surfboard, paddle or mast. If you have the right roof rack accessory, you can safely carry all your water sports toys. When you want to load anything on the outside of your vehicle, you should be extra careful, starting with the installation of the weight bearers or roof racks. A suitable set is required, and when you choose a roof rack, you should consider your load as well as your car’s weight requirements.

Buying and installing

Once you have identified the recommended rack for your car, most often sold as separate components, you can proceed with the purchase and installation. You can have the installation done at the shop or you could do it yourself. Choosing a roof rack means referring to its maximum load capacity. The fitting instructions will provide this information, and you can also check out your car owner’s manual. You should not exceed the maximum load capacity because there’s no point in having heavy-duty racks if you car cannot handle it.

How to choose a roof rack

When choosing a roof rack, you must consider whether your vehicle already has attachment points to which it may be fastened. Since car roofs come in various shapes and sizes, you may need to buy load bars and supportive attachments separately if you want the correct fit. You may also need to buy additional accessories for holding specific types of items. This will also allow you to design a rack that is perfect for your car and load. Do decide whether you want a modular or complete system. With a complete system, you will find everything you need in a single box. The complete system will also be easier to buy and install. A modular system will offer you more control over your system. For instance, you can buy longer bars if you want to fit two kayaks on your car’s roof. You can also change the accessories or choose only the components that you are going to use. You also need to decide whether you want a permanent or removable rack. You can find a lightweight system that you can remove and store. Another thing to consider is the material used in manufacturing the roof rack. Even though steel is less expensive and lasts longer, it is more likely to whistle in the wind and create more drag. On the other hand, aluminum is quieter but it is also more expensive. However, it will create less drag and so your vehicle is going to use less fuel.

Components of a roof rack

The three most common components of a roof rack system are the side rails (tracks), towers which clamp or attach to the rails, and mounts, which secure the bulky items to the rack system. Other components of a roof rack include bars, legs and kits. We also have spacers, which are used to raise the height of your roof racks.

Uses of a kayak roof rack

Since roof racks are very versatile, they can carry almost any kind of gear. You can use it to carry equipment or cargo that would otherwise take up valuable space inside your car. Instead of buying a bigger car, you can mount a roof rack that can help you carry your equipment or cargo.

Tips for using a roof rack

One of the most basic tips for using a roof rack is to avoid carrying more weight than your roof can handle. The maximum weight will be indicated in your owner’s manual. The manufacturer will also indicate the maximum amount of weight that the roof rack can carry. You also need to choose a roof rack that fastens easily. If you need to mount and dismount the roof rack on a regular basis, you should choose one that will fasten easily to your vehicle. You also need enough tie-downs for what you’re carrying, and you can purchase them separately. You also need to follow the law, especially if you’re carrying very long items. If you are carrying items that extend over one meter beyond your roof rack, ensure that you use brightly colored materials for marking the ends.